Wednesday, February 14, 2018

AceMoney Password

Did you know that it is mandatory to password-protect your AceMoney database file? I didn't.

It's an option hidden in the back of beyond. This applies to .amj files which replaced .mmw files, unbeknownst to me, a long time ago.

Although it may appear optional, being listed under Options, it isn't. Unless you want to risk losing all your financial data. And I don't mean losing it to a hacker. You can lose it in the privacy of your own home, even if you live alone.

I found this out when my desktop computer crashed and I tried to access my file on my laptop. The file was locked up because it didn't have a password. I was told to go back to my desktop and set a password.

My desktop was stone-cold dead as far as I could tell.

In other words, all my backup files were useless.

Fortunately, my desktop booted up a couple hours later.

If you don't have a password, do it now. Under Tools/Options, bottom left corner.

Permit access by multiple users isn't optional either. Trying to open my own file on my own laptop counted as 'multiple users'.

My password is a single click on the space bar, followed by Enter. It still makes me grind my teeth but it's the best I can do to minimize the aggravation of having to enter a password to access a file on my own computer.

I thought Microsoft had a monopoly on bad software design. They don't. This beats it.

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