Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reining It In

Every time I find myself looking up records for a 6th cousin 3 times removed I wonder how I got there.

It's another cousin and I'm attached to all of them. But, really?? How long do I think I'm going to live?

Awhile back I worked my way up from the bottom and left things mid-way through the 5th generation with the census records. And then I got sidetracked by something. And HOW does that happen?

I file by generation so this is an easy thing to get back on track.

Theoretically, I should have 16 sets of 3rd great-grandparents but I'm missing a few and a few others were married more than once so I actually have 14 sets in the file folder.

What I did was use the Focus Group search in Legacy to search for the Descendants of each couple.

I tagged them all as I went. Then I un-tagged the Living ones. I have 838 of those but they're living and they're none of my business at the moment unless they want to tell me about themselves.

That leaves me with 2,210.

There are virtually endless numbers of things I can do with these people without trying very hard. I can look up missing census records, birth dates, death dates, burial places, marriage dates and places. And, of course, missing sources. Inlaws. And then I can tidy up all their file folders while reviewing records I haven't seen in years.

If I'm done in this lifetime I can move onto the descendants of my 4th great-grandparents and then the 5th and so on until I get up to the last folder which is 10th great-grandparents whose descendants I often find myself floundering around with because that's the crazy nature of this business. Please see first paragraph above.

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