Saturday, December 17, 2016

Customizing Census Search

I'm catching up on census records so I've tried to make that process a little more efficient.

First, what I do is search the descendant line I'm interested in by using the Focus Group Search in Legacy Family Tree and then search within that search for a particular year using the Census Search. Then I go through the resulting search list using Search Internet for Current Person (button added to my toolbar for easy access). First I have to set up the search parameter.

Each database in FamilySearch has an ID number. These are the search parameters for the census years using a first and surname only. If needed, I then add spouse or 'other person', and/or location to narrow it down. It's less typing than starting with a general search.










Once one of these URLs has been added to Customize Internet Search, the only thing that needs to be changed for a different census year is the ID number and the title of the Search.

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