Saturday, October 8, 2016

Genealogy Overwhelm

One thing at a time; exactly how I do everything else in my life.

Say I'm cleaning up the kitchen. Then I find one cupboard that seems to be a project in itself. Do I go back to generally cleaning up the kitchen or do I focus on that one cupboard?

Say I pick the cupboard. Then I find a forgotten project in that cupboard that could be a day's work all by itself. Do I go back to cleaning up that one cupboard or do I start to focus on that one project?

Decisions, decisions.

As of today, there are 22,922 individuals in my Legacy database. Fact: There's not enough time.

Two things.

1) If I'm working on something and I find a tangent, which I always do, I add the tangent to a running to-do list.

2) If it's a web page, I drag the shortcut into a folder of genealogy shortcuts.

What's most important to me will always rise to the top. Just like everything else in life.

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