Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Transcription Help

I caught Cuz transcribing records by hand. Is she kidding me? I don't mean the ones that need to be transcribed. I mean the ones that are already done.

I don't know how works but at FamilySearch there's a COPY button at the top of each record page. For example:

When you click COPY, what copies to your clipboard is the entire transcription on the page including the source citation.

After clicking COPY I go to which I keep bookmarked. Then I do Ctrl+V to paste into the top box. Then I click the second radio button which says "Replace both multiple whitespaces and tabs with a single space". And then click:

The text from the top box will appear in the second box all cleaned up, tab spaces removed, and it's ready to paste into Legacy under Source Detail.

As soon as you put your cursor in that second box, the text will highlight. So right click and click Cut. Then go to wherever you go (in my case, Source Detail) and Paste.

If there's an image to download, I paste the source citation from the bottom of the page into the Caption in the metadata.

There are simple ways to get more bang for your buck or, in this case, more bang for your time.

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