Friday, September 2, 2016

Time - No Time

I started looking at the things I do as splitting into Physical and Non-Physical Time, meaning things that have to happen on specific dates, and things I do where I lose track of time; writing and designing and looking for answers, where I sometimes konk out in the middle of a thought and wake up at 3 in the morning still dressed in my street clothes and shoes. In other words, Outer Worldly/Inner Worldly.

At first glance, Physical Time seems to involve other people and their rules or requirements. For instance, if I don't pay a bill on time the bank dings me with a late fee. If I don't update my README files regularly, my PoA won't have the information he needs when the time comes.

So, roughly sorted, I thought Physical Time is about other people and Non-Physical Time is about me. Except, when I looked at it closer I realized it's not that simple.

When I segued to trying to make the same division of labour split into Commitment/Optional I realized I was looking at a different concept altogether. My Inner life could hardly be called Optional.

Writing, although it's on the Non-Physical/Inner/Me side, is a Commitment but I had to think about why. Some people have told me that I teach them. Other people have said that I entertain them. Am I committed to teaching? No. Am I committed to being an entertainer? No.

What I am committed to is the Practice of writing; for clarifying my thoughts, using my creative imagination and problem-solving, skills that are useful to life in general and that, in many different ways, affect the way people respond to me. So, again, it's about other people.

For the past two years I've been writing a personal memoir. There's a good chance no-one else will ever read it. But does that make it Optional? Perhaps. But it's been so illuminating to me that it's affected my relationships so I consider it a Commitment.

Someday I may become so enlightened I can stop thinking and, consequently, stop writing.

Physical exercise and healthy eating is not a Goal or Optional. It's a Daily Commitment because, again, it affects the quality of my life with other people. As far as my Inner side is concerned, I could space it out all day and rot away in the midst of an interesting insight.

If someone else has to take care of me I won't necessarily like having to play by their rules. So, in that way, it's still about other people.

So, basically, there's Outer/Inner split into 3 sections: Daily Commitments, Goals, and Optional. I have a long list of Outer Optional which I've hidden in the back of beyond. And I call them that because they are things I can do but right now I don't see any direct or indirect benefit to myself or anyone else by pursuing them.

There's a point where doing any more of something mechanically-driven is not going to make the point any clearer.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as Inner Optional. Unless it would be knowingly refusing to pay attention to dreams, insights and intuition. But then who would write that on a to-do list?

I've only met one person who told me they don't dream. I suppose they're so focused on moving their physical body around in space they're not aware that life is made of anything else.

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