Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Robert David Johnson

After many years of looking, it's now known that Robert David Johnson is my mother's maternal grandfather. He had a child with someone before he married and that child is my grandmother. Below is what I've been able to put together about his family from publicly available records. He was the son of David P. Johnson and Catherine Tyner. He was a lumber mill operator in Johnston Co. in 1930. I would like to talk to anyone who knows this family. If that's you, please contact me at beeken.jl@gmail.com.

1-Robert David JOHNSON b. 25 May 1876, Smithfield, Johnston, NC, d. 29 Sep
  1952, New Bern, Craven, NC
 +Lula Zanie SMITH b. 20 Oct 1882, Wilson, NC, m. 14 Dec 1904, Ingrams
  Township, Johnston, NC, d. 01 Sep 1936, Smithfield, Johnston, NC, par. Henry
   2-David Paul JOHNSON b. 01 Aug 1903, Wilson, NC, d. 03 Oct 1960, (Wilson,
     Wilson, NC)
    +Ruby Iva BARNES b. 21 Feb 1906, Wilson, NC, m. 15 Jun 1921, Wilson,
     Wilson, NC, d. 12 Apr 1990, Wilson, Wilson, NC, par. William Henry BARNES
     and Mary Frances BARNES
      3-Paul Leondes JOHNSON b. 25 Jun 1923, Wilson, NC, d. 07 Apr 1992, Sims,
        Wilson, NC
       +Alice Lucille BARNES b. 15 Oct 1923, Wilson, NC, m. 26 Dec 1942,
        Wilson, NC, d. 25 Apr 2000, Wilson, Wilson, NC, par. Clinton Oliver
        BARNES and Vida MEWBORNE
      3-Robert H. JOHNSON b. Abt 1928, NC
   2-Robert Silas JOHNSON b. 06 May 1906, Johnston, NC
    +Marguerite Delois LOCKE b. Abt 1912, Franklin, OH, m. 03 Feb 1930, Putnam,
     WV, par. Elmer Andrew LOCKE and Alma Rosette DAVIS
      3-Frances Jeanne JOHNSON b. 29 Sep 1930, Lenoir, NC
   2-William Jennings Bryant JOHNSON b. 08 Jun 1908, NC, d. 18 Jul 1937, Stump
     Sound, Onslow, North Carolina, United States
    +Sue Taylor CHAUNCEY b. Abt 1915, m. 19 Aug 1936, Pamlico, NC
      3-Robert Bryan JOHNSON b. 11 Mar 1937, Washington, Beaufort, NC
       +Virginia Dare KEECH b. Abt 1943, m. 30 Jul 1958, Beaufort, North
        Carolina, United States, par. Edgar KEECH and UNKNOWN
         4-Robert Bryan JOHNSON Jr. b. 04 Apr 1959, Washington, Beaufort, NC
         4-Emily JOHNSON b. 06 Nov 1960, Washington, Beaufort, NC
         4-Tammie Raye JOHNSON b. 28 May 1963, Washington, Beaufort, NC
   2-Dixie Faye JOHNSON b. 07 Apr 1911, NC, d. 15 May 1974, Raleigh, Wake, NC
    +Edward Stanley ABELL Jr. b. 01 Dec 1900, Johnston, NC, m. 31 Aug 1934,
     Lenoir, NC, d. 27 Mar 1978, Raleigh, Wake, NC, par. Edward Stanley ABELL
     Sr. and Irene PAGE
      3-Edwina Faye ABELL b. 07 Aug 1934, Smithfield, Johnston, NC, d. 21 Mar
        1999, Chapel Hill, Orange, NC

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