Thursday, September 1, 2016

MRIN Numbering

Legacy automatically assigns an MRIN (Marriage Record Identification Number) to each new marriage entered.

Because I file by MRIN, this has taken some doodling around. Much less so if I'd had a wide angle view from the beginning.

The first thing I realized was that I should separate my mother's numbers from my father's because my Cuz is only interested in my father's line. It's easier to pick up a contiguous batch than pick through looking for the relevant ones.

Later, I nested the folders the same way they exist in the tree so it didn't really matter.

And then later still I realized that sometimes I like to look at all the Inlaws on one line or another and I couldn't find them easily because the numbers were random.

Awhile back I had to do some extensive renumbering because I'd started out with 4-digit numbers when I should have started with 5. I've now given each of my father's lines 25,000 numbers and my mother's side, 50,000. And I split the Inlaws into their own sub-ranges.

So, I've created blocks of numbers for my 3 family lines; my father's father, (BEEKEN) my father's mother, (WILKE) and my mother's parents, (BAKER). My mother's parents' lines are so inter-related they're all the same line really. And then another block for UNRELATED. I know from DNA these are my mother's line but I don't know how yet.

Most recently, I've added numbers for MRINs that don't have documents/folders (yet). So, this is what it looks like:

Beeken Range: 1-19999; Inlaws: 20000-24999
Wilke Range: 25000-44999; Inlaws: 45000-49999
Baker Range: 50000-89999; Inlaws: 90000-99999

Beeken: next folder for documents: 1882
numbers used: 1-1881
No Folder: 2729

Beeken Inlaws: next folder for documents: 24297
numbers used: 24000-24296
No Folder: 24947

Wilke: next folder for documents: 30149
numbers used: 30000-30148
No Folder: 30196

Wilke Inlaws: next folder for documents: 46014
numbers used: 46000-46013
No Folder: 46088

Baker: next folder for documents: 70584
numbers used: 50000-50999, 60000-60999, 70000-70583
No Folder: 71850

Baker Inlaws: next folder for documents: 90461
numbers used: 90000-90460
No Folder: 91019

Unrelated: 80306

Up front it takes a little more time to change the MRIN as I'm entering data, but over the long range it keep things less confusing. If I enter a BAKER marriage right now it will automatically pick up 2729 from the BEEKEN range as the next available number. That's why I renumber as I go.

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