Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Elder Care, continued

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

However, making a plan ain't necessarily bad.

From the human-interest files of people I've actually met:

1) Couple married for ten years. Husband dies. Woman finds out from his Will that he's left the house to his son from a previous marriage. He leaves her a tiny amount of money and she has to be out of the house within 3 months.

2) Married for decades. Big house, big life. Woman leaves all financial matters to her husband. It's "his job" she says. Man dies. Woman finds out from his Will that he lost all their money in the last few years of his life making bad deals when his mind was going. AND she has to get out of the house to pay his debts. At the age of 70-something she's broke and homeless.

3) Married for decades. Husband dies. Friend has to show wife how to write a cheque.

Why are spouses not discussing financial and legal matters while they're both still alive? It seems like giving your spouse the middle finger by WINGING them with a big surprise.

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