Friday, August 19, 2016

Computer Tasks, Unwired

You think learning how to use a computer takes time, try going back the other way. I'm having to reverse engineer my brain.

I'd love to have a calendar that does it all but I haven't figured out how yet, except on a desktop computer. I still don't have any mobile devices and I don't want any.

Back when PDA's cost $1,000 by the time you added in a screen protector and a pouch for it and taxes and extended warranty that you had to have because you could see plain as day the thing was so fragile you'd probably smash it the first week out, all I wanted was something to put a calendar and notes on. I did not want something that could stand on its head and spit gold balls. Apparently, my needs were too small because there wasn't such a thing.

Even my $5 paper calendar is way over the top with pages of useless information like wedding anniversary symbols and mileage-from-here-to-there charts but misses the most important part; a page for notes in between each double page of little calendar squares. Hello, people?

So, back to the drawing board. I made my own. This is for computer tasks. This tells me the days when I have to turn my computer on or my life will spiral down the toilet. It also shows me the days when I can stay in bed and the universe will continue on as it should without me.

I can't write these things in the little calendar squares because I need to leave the squares open for appointments and surprises and the squares aren't big enough. I can circle the days (been there/done that) but I don't know why I need to turn my computer on. And if I don't know why then I have to turn my computer on to find out. And the next thing I know it's 16 hours of genealogy rabbit holes later and my God, is there no end to it?

Here it is, in all its un-digitized glory. One line for each day of the month, five columns for five to-do's. I never go over five unless I'm doing research and this is not for that. (But it could be.) This is pay bills, external backups, that kind of thing. The world-stopping stuff.

Any of you who have downloaded the slant chart already know the drill. Print a copy, then take it down to your local shop and get it laminated for about $2 and write on it with non-permanent ink. At the end of each month, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and start again. You'll only ever need one of these. If you have a smartphone or tablet you probably don't need one at all. If you do, download here.

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