Friday, June 1, 2018

Source Images

It's just a small thing, and nothing lasts forever even though FamilySearch says it will, but it could help.

I've taken up adding the URL's of sources to my Source Detail Comments area in Legacy.

What's been happening is that the download is frozen on some of the sources that have images. So, with the URL in hand I can go back later and see if I can get the image. This saves me having to search for it again.

I put source citations into all the documents in my collection, where they're available.

So I'm debating whether to only add the URL's to the ones in Legacy that don't have an image yet, to be used as a reminder. And for the ones that don't yet have images but might someday. I don't intend to go back through my entire database; I'm just working from the present tense.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Calling All Cousins

I did a quick calculation the other day. The 10 family charts I've put on this website, descendants of my 3rd and 4th great-grandparents, cover less than 13% of all the dead people in my database. That's how far this crazy hobby has ranged over the years.

So, looking at this from the other way up, these are my direct-line ancestors on my mother's side. If anyone would like to jump right in and fill the gaps or make corrections that would be good. If you know who Roby Howard Baker's father WEST is in the specifics, or would like to join the search, I'd be over the Moon. Anything at all about Robert David Johnson is also greatly welcomed.

--+ 1-Living
                                +--- 12-Robert WEST,d.Aft 07 Jun 1712
                             +--+ 11-Henry WEST,b.Bet 1696 and 1701,d.Bef 12 Aug 1745
                                +--- 12-Isabella UNKNOWN
                          +--+ 10-James Henry WEST Sr.,b.1725,d.1812
                             +--- 11-Susanna FULGHAM
                       +--+ 9-Willis WEST Sr.,b.1755,d.23 Nov 1837
                          +--- 10-UNKNOWN,d
                    +--+ 8-WEST
                             +--- 11-William GAINEY,b.1670,d.1739
                          +--+ 10-Bartholomew GAINEY,b.02 May 1718,d.16 Nov 1820
                             +--- 11-UNKNOWN
                       +--+ 9-Sarah GAINEY,b.1756,d.1799
                          +--- 10-Sarah Edna REDDICK,b.1735,d.Dec 1799
                 +--+ 7-WEST
                    +--- 8-UNKNOWN
              +--+ 6-WEST
                 +--- 7-UNKNOWN
           +--+ 5-WEST
              +--- 6-UNKNOWN
        +--+ 4-WEST
           +--- 5-UNKNOWN
     +--+ 3-Roby Howard BAKER,b.14 Jun 1897,d.18 Jul 1979
                    +--- 8-Elijah BAKER,b.Abt 1779,d.13 May 1846
                 +--+ 7-John C. BAKER,b.Abt 1806,d.Aft 1880
                    +--- 8-Rhoda SOLOMON,b.1780,d.Aft 1850
              +--+ 6-Allen R. BAKER,b.Bet 1825 and 1835
                 +--- 7-Ann JOHNSON,b.Abt 1807,d.Bef 1850
           +--+ 5-Jessie Gideon BAKER,b.11 Jun 1853,d.30 Sep 1918
                    +--- 8-William STANLEY,b.1752,d.1810
                 +--+ 7-William STANLEY,b.1786,d.1864
                    +--- 8-Mary BRIDGERS,b.1760,d.1850
              +--+ 6-Rebecca STANLEY,b.Abt 1826,d.1896
                 +--- 7-Mary WEBB,b.Abt 1789,d.Bef 1861
        +--+ 4-Minnie Frances BAKER,b.27 Mar 1876,d.08 Nov 1931
                    +--- 8-William STANLEY,b.1752,d.1810
                 +--+ 7-William STANLEY,b.1786,d.1864
                    +--- 8-Mary BRIDGERS,b.1760,d.1850
              +--+ 6-James Littleton STANLEY,b.11 Feb 1828,d.08 Mar 1900
                 +--- 7-Mary WEBB,b.Abt 1789,d.Bef 1861
           +--+ 5-Nancy E. STANLEY,b.Abt 1856,d.02 Apr 1943
                                +--- 12-William JOHNSTON,b.1648,d.28 Sep 1719
                             +--+ 11-Thomas JOHNSTON Sr.,b.1699,d.Abt 1745
                                   +--- 13-Owen GRIFFETH,d.Bef 1699
                                +--+ 12-Sarah GRIFFETH,b.Abt 1682,d.Abt 1719
                                   +--- 13-Mary HUNTT
                          +--+ 10-John JOHNSTON,b.Abt 1714,d.Abt 1780
                             +--- 11-Mary Sarah UNKNOWN,b.Abt 1699
                       +--+ 9-Joshua JOHNSON,b.Abt 1749,d.Bef 1817
                          +--- 10-UNKNOWN
                    +--+ 8-Peter JOHNSON,b.Abt 1782,d.Bef 1850
                       +--- 9-Sarah LEE,d.05 Feb 1856
                 +--+ 7-Rueben JOHNSON,b.Bet 1808 and 1814,d.Bef 1880
                       +--- 9-Reuben HOBBY
                    +--+ 8-Rhoda HOBBY,b.Abt 1780,d.Bet 1870 and 1880
                       +--- 9-Anna NORRIS
              +--+ 6-Edny Lamb JOHNSON,b.11 Aug 1833,d.08 Aug 1897
                 +--- 7-Nancy UNKNOWN,b.Abt 1813
  +--+ 2-Living
              +--- 6-Matthew JOHNSON,b.1802,d.22 Oct 1881
           +--+ 5-David P. JOHNSON,b.15 Jun 1828,d.15 Mar 1909
              +--- 6-Martha HALL,b.1802,d.15 Jun 1886
        +--+ 4-Robert David JOHNSON,b.25 May 1876,d.29 Sep 1952
                             +--- 11-Thomas HARRIS
                          +--+ 10-John HARRIS,b.1665,d.Dec 1711
                             +--- 11-Ann MARTIN
                       +--+ 9-John Harris TYNER Sr.,b.Abt 1693,d.Abt 1767
                             +--- 11-Nicholas TYNER,d.Abt 1709
                          +--+ 10-Sarah TYNER,b.1668,d.1711
                             +--- 11-UNKNOWN
                    +--+ 8-John TYNER,b.Abt 1735,d.15 Nov 1780
                       +--- 9-UNKNOWN
                 +--+ 7-Jesse TYNER,b.1755,d.26 May 1818
                    +--- 8-Frances Abigail UNKNOWN
              +--+ 6-James F. TYNER,b.Bet 1815 and 1818,d.1880
                    +--- 8-Stephen BROOKS II,b.15 Apr 1728,d.15 Jul 1797
                 +--+ 7-Sarah BROOKS,b.1766,d.1837
                    +--- 8-Mary FARROW,b.1730,d.1795
           +--+ 5-Catherine M. TYNER,b.02 Mar 1845,d.17 Feb 1925
              +--- 6-Delia GRIFFIS,b.Bet 1816 and 1820,d.1885
     +--+ 3-Pearl Roberson KING,b.24 Dec 1899,d.11 Jul 1994
                 +--- 7-Samuel KING,b.Bef 1757,d.Abt 1807
              +--+ 6-George KING,b.Bet 1770 and 1780,d.Abt 1844
                 +--- 7-Levarty UNKNOWN
           +--+ 5-Starkey KING,b.Bet 1810 and 1820,d.Bet 1887 and 1900
              +--- 6-Penelope UNKNOWN
        +--+ 4-Hester J. KING,b.Sep 1878,d.20 Jan 1921
                 +--- 7-Charles Bryan BENSON,b.Abt 1790,d.Bef 1827
              +--+ 6-Ashley BENSON,b.Bet 1816 and 1820,d.20 Apr 1886
                       +--- 9-William CAPPS Sr.,b.Abt 1725,d.23 Jan 1795
                    +--+ 8-William CAPPS Jr.,b.Abt 1750,d.Aft 21 May 1838
                       +--- 9-UNKNOWN
                 +--+ 7-Elizabeth CAPPS,b.Abt 1792
                          +--- 10-Henry BULLS Sr.,b.Abt 1714,d.Bef Nov 1787
                       +--+ 9-Henry BULLS Jr.,b.Abt 1740,d.Bef 05 Sep 1780
                          +--- 10-Mary UNKNOWN,b.Abt 1720,d.1786
                    +--+ 8-Zilphia BULLS,b.Abt 1770,d.Aft 1827
                          +--- 10-William TALTON Sr.,b.Abt 1720,d.Bef Aug 1791
                       +--+ 9-Rachel TALTON,b.Abt 1745,d.Bef 14 Oct 1815
                          +--- 10-Elizabeth UNKNOWN
           +--+ 5-Zilpha BENSON,b.Jul 1848,d.30 Jun 1920
              +--- 6-Chelley UNKNOWN,b.Abt 1821,d.Bet 1855 and 1857


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vital Stats

In spite of the odd impulse to pack it in, I realized the other day I'll be doing genealogy til the day I die. Or at least until I'm incapacitated to the point of being unable to reach a keyboard.

Because we just never know.

The other day I had an email from someone I wrote to 11 years ago requesting information. It turns out she's in possession of the family bible of one of my 4th great-grandfathers. It offered up a couple of long-unknown marriage dates as well as an intriguing question: Who is Lucy Harris?

That riveted me into something that feels like almost the present tense; considering the seemingly never-ending ocean of my ancestors and cousins. With nearly 26,000 people in my database, no matter how much I do I feel like I'm drowning.

I decided I needed a pick-me-up.

Not Living: 19,287

No birth date: 3,700
BUT 15,587, 81% done

No birth place: 5,923
BUT 13,364, 69% done

No death date: 6,778
BUT 12,509, 65% done

No death place: 10,668
BUT 8,619, 45% done

No burial place: 9,410
BUT 9,877, 51% done

No marriage date: 8,369
BUT 5459, 57% done

No marriage place: 9,284
BUT 5001, 52% done

No gravestone photo: 11,866
BUT photos for 7,421, 38% done

Saturday, March 10, 2018

FamilySearch Source Citations

FamilySearch has some problems with their source citations.

I don't know if this is across the board or just "North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979".

If I go to this page:

I get this for the source citation:

"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979 ," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 22 December 2016), Jesse West and Susan Lee, 09 Feb 1908; citing Ingram, Johnston, North Carolina, United States, p. , Office of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Records. State Archive of North Carolina and various county Register of Deeds; FHL microfilm 540,292.

So far, so good.

But if I use the Copy to Clipboard option (under Tools) instead, (which I do in order to capture the source detail for my records) I get this:

Citing this Record
"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979 ," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 22 December 2016), Spicey Lee in entry for Jesse West and Susan Lee, 09 Feb 1908; citing Ingram, Johnston, North Carolina, United States, p. , Office of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Records. State Archive of North Carolina and various county Register of Deeds; FHL microfilm 540,292.

This inconsistency is consistent across many examples in this particular database.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

AceMoney Password

Did you know that it is mandatory to password-protect your AceMoney database file? I didn't.

It's an option hidden in the back of beyond. This applies to .amj files which replaced .mmw files, unbeknownst to me, a long time ago.

Although it may appear optional, being listed under Options, it isn't. Unless you want to risk losing all your financial data. And I don't mean losing it to a hacker. You can lose it in the privacy of your own home, even if you live alone.

I found this out when my desktop computer crashed and I tried to access my file on my laptop. The file was locked up because it didn't have a password. I was told to go back to my desktop and set a password.

My desktop was stone-cold dead as far as I could tell.

In other words, all my backup files were useless.

Fortunately, my desktop booted up a couple hours later.

If you don't have a password, do it now. Under Tools/Options, bottom left corner.

Permit access by multiple users isn't optional either. Trying to open my own file on my own laptop counted as 'multiple users'.

My password is a single click on the space bar, followed by Enter. It still makes me grind my teeth but it's the best I can do to minimize the aggravation of having to enter a password to access a file on my own computer.

I thought Microsoft had a monopoly on bad software design. They don't. This beats it.